How we guarantee to solve
your cultural dilemmas

We help your organization to build winning cultures. We do this by creating awareness of culture as a crucial success driver, by researching culture across many dimensions and by applying our insights and methodologies in a way that takes root and produces tangible results. We train people to recognize, respect and reconcile cultural differences, and make them use cultural advances to achieve better results.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Develop a high performing culture for business integration, focused on shared values and reconciled differences.


Help your organization’s leaders create and sustain a culture that harnesses creativity and innovation.

Leadership Dilemmas

Resolve your leadership dilemmas, and build a more future-proof business culture.

Solve the global dilemmas and challenges of the Coronavirus and create resilience for yourself and your organization.

Cultural Change

Manage cultural change across your organization and people, to get the best conditions for positive transformation.


Solve the cultural challenges of operating in an international business environment.

Financial Performance

Reconcile the complex cultural issues that impact your organization’s financial performance.

What we offer

We deliver business solutions tailored to your organization’s needs in all implications of culture. We leverage unrivalled expertise and proprietary intellectual capital, captured in our unique cultural databases and tools.

We train & support organizations

We apply our skills as effective coaches and expert trainers to identify and solve cultural dilemmas in businesses all over the world by implementing and monitoring action plans.

We focus on culture, because culture provides the context within which people in organizations interact with one another and the world surrounding them.

Methods & Tools

Applying our 4R ® approach with our digital tools (DRP, IAP, CCP, ICP) and “Culture for Business”-app, we bring decades of expert research and evidence-based insights to your business culture challenges.

Keynote speakers

We provide expert speakers that deliver impact for your keynote events and talks with powerful insights on business culture.

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If you are interested in using our services, products or partnering with us, or if you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our work in numbers

Our strength derives from a unique combination of an extensive track-record of rigorous research and intellectual capital captured in diagnostic tools and the world’s largest cross-cultural database.

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Updates on news, events and press about cultural dilemmas – bringing our expertise to help meet your business culture challenges in the global economy. Share our latest insights.

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