The 4R ® approach

We have developed a unique four-step process that underlies all our work.

1. Recognizing dilemmas

Identifying and understanding different cultural perspectives, attitudes and behaviours and their implications in co-operation, leadership and management.

2. Respecting viewpoints

Building appreciation and respect for these cultural differences in values, styles, and approaches, without recourse to destructive stereotyping.

3. Reconciling the dilemmas

Integrating different value orientations in order to benefit from differences and reach win-win solutions. Instead of choosing sides, we crack the line and seek a reconciliation that pleases both stakeholders.

4. Realizing the solutions

Realizing and embedding the change achieved through the above three stages into a structured way to ensure success.


We make use of various proprietary methods to analyse cultures and monitor success.

Dilemma Thinking

Dilemma thinking shows how to elicit and frame challenges as dilemmas, how through reconciliation to achieve better solutions, and how to structure the action steps for implementing these solutions. This process has been digitalised as the DRP.

Corporate Culture

There are two main dilemmas at the core of each business, which we use to model the corporate culture. Using this method we can compare different organizations and elicit their dilemmas. We do this using our CCP.

7 Cultural Dimensions

Every existing culture has a place in between two extremes of seven cultural dimensions. Five describe interpersonal relationships, one in relation to time, and one in relation to the environment. To measure culture, we have created the IAP.

Intercultural Competence

Intercultural competence describes someone’s ability to reconcile dilemmas on various levels. We have accumulated a significant body of evidence showing that reconciling values makes business more effective. We measure this competence with the ICP.

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All of the work and methods are supported by our highly effective tools.

Corporate Culture Profiler

The Corporate Culture Profiler (CCP) enables respondents to review and examine the interpretations they give to relationships with each other and with the organization as a whole. The CCP quantifies organizational performance across 12 areas in four quadrants (role, power, task and person orientations of corporate culture).

Intercultural Awareness Profiler

The Intercultural Awareness Profiler (IAP) is designed to assess the personal orientation of choices that an individual makes when resolving intercultural business issues. It provides a personalized report on a respondent’s national culture (in relation to the 7 Cultural Dimensions model).

Intercultural Competence Profiler

The Intercultural Competence Profiler (ICP) is a developmental tool that provides insight into respondents’ perception of their intercultural competence. This is based on how well they understand other cultural orientations and deal with competing demands, the competence to reconcile dilemmas.

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